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    Welcome to my portfolio.

    Graphic Designer, Motion Graphic Designer, Illustrator

    Hello, I am Marcos da Rocha Carvalho, a designer and illustrator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who lives and works in the DC metropolitan area. I have a BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts, and an MA in Computer Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I love all things design and art related, I also enjoy traveling, cooking, bodyboarding, surfing, martial arts and just hanging out at the beach in general. Please feel free to contact me for any web or print design projects you might need help with, I would be happy to help you achieve your vision.



  • Motion Graphics

    These are projects I have created for work which showcase my animation, motion graphics and video editing skills. 

    Alliance for Securing Democracy

    Animated titles, radar sweep, and logo design for the Alliance for Securing Democracy,

    Brussels Forum 2018: A Time of Distrust

    Conference opener video for the German Marshall Fund's Brussels Forum 2018

    Senator John McCain at Brussels Forum

    I created the animated titles as well as the lower 3rd, edited the video and sound for the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

    Why do regulators always trail innovators?

    Animation for the Charles Koch Institute about regulations.

    Self-Driving Cars and Ride Sharing

    Animation for the Charles Koch Institute about self-driving cars and ride sharing

    Stadium Subsidies

    Animation for the Charles Koch Institute about Stadium Subsidies.

    Concorde Animation

    Animation for the Charles Koch Institute about the Concorde.


    Whiteboard animation

    Animated whiteboard text/images for a scholarship program in Pakistan.

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    Buy prints of my work and have them mailed directly to you, purchase my stock photos/illustrations, or join Turning Art to sample/purchase at home.

    Check out my shirts, phone skins, and art at my shop at Design by Hümans!


    Shop for cool prints, cell phone and e-reader skins, t-shirts, hoodies, and other products featuring my work at my søciety6 store!


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    My book!


    In Case I Die Before You're Born is a Kindle ebook I wrote for my future kid. It is full of Stoic advice for the next generation. Available on Amazon.


    Sample my art in your home and then decide if you want to buy it at my turningart.com page.


    Buy prints in both canvas and papers at my online bza.co shop! You can download images to print yourself, or have bza.co print and mail it directly to your house!


    Download my stock photos and illustrations from my shutterstock.com page.


    Download my stock photos and illustrations from my bigstockphoto.com page.


    Do you live in the DC metropolitan area? Volunteer with us to help our local environment with Creeky Clean!


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